best Hotel room Mattress Types

Why do you think the beds in five-star hotels are so comfortable? You lie down on the bed, and it feels like you dived in an ocean of sponges and then wonder why the bed at your home is never as comfortable. This leaves you asking yourself what type of mattresses these hotels use.

Why don’t you have similar mattresses in your house? Well, these hotels have five-star ratings for a reason. They only use the premium-mattresses available in the market. Now, you may also have similar mattresses provided you can afford them.

So, instead of going down that path of who can afford what, let’s take a look at some of these mattresses:

• Old box spring

Restful slumber is what the old box spring targets. It helps you drift off to sleep as you rest on the bed. This is one of the most luxurious mattresses you will ever come across. In fact, most five-star hotels use this mattress in luxury suites and VIP rooms. These mattresses come with added coil support. Moreover, old box springs have patented quilted design that reduces restlessness and improves circulation. Their unique internal design prevents them from breaking down. This is crucial for hotels because they have guests almost every other day.

• Flame-resistant mattress

Many five-star hotels also call it Sweet Dreams Bed. Their construction and design induce minimal movement. This ensures that guests don’t slip while twisting and turning in bed. Plus, the premium-quality top makes the entire experience more comfortable. Flame-resistance is another standout feature of this mattress. Some tipsy guests may get clumsy when they go to sleep. So, the flame-resistant feature can prevent any unforeseen accident.

• Custom memory foam mattress

Most homeowners would know about memory foam. It remains the number one choice for many. But, five-star hotels take it to the next level by using custom memory foam mattresses. These babies come with tons of features, such as plush pillow top, cooling technology, memory foam, and therapeutic core support. Some of the higher-end mattresses also have inner springs that make the bed more comfortable. You almost get to the point of no return once you hit the bed.

• Combination of spring and memory foam

Five-star hotels don’t compromise when it comes to providing top-notch comfort to guests. That is why many of these hotels get customized mattresses that combine spring and memory foam. What’s the benefit? You get the best of both worlds! They are not only comfortable and supportive; they also have a cooling technology that keeps the bed at its optimal temperature.

This combination is hard to beat. It has a cashmere topper, mini-coil, and hybrid memory foam. It ensures that once you hit the bed, you fall asleep quickly. The comfort level of these mattress is probably the best you will ever experience. You don’t usually see them in mattress stores.

So, now that you know the best hotel mattresses that are popular five-star hotels, you can go ahead and order similar variants for your hotel. Honestly, they provide the most comforting sleep to guests, and that’s why they are so expensive.

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